Name: (As it appears in-game)

Full Name / Nickname / Alias(es):


(Apparent/Estimated) Age:

Biological Origin: (Clone, One-Lifer)

Birthplace / (Apparent) Nationality / Clone Status (Alpha/Beta):



Spec / Job / Role: (Melee, Pistoleer, Farmer, Merc, Doctor, CHOTA w/ a Shotgun, etc.)

Residence / Operates out of: (Oilville, Hope Springs, Sector 2, Drifter, Homeless, etc.)

Players Time Zone: (US Eastern, UK, EU, Aussie, etc.)

Main / Alt: (and/or list Main, Alt(s) here)

RP Status: (Full Time, Heavy, Part-Time, Open to Random, New to RP, Willing to RPvP, etc.)

Origin / Backstory / Details / Need-to-Know:


((These is a suggested template for listing helpful/relevent info for your fellow RPers; feel free to list or not anything and everything, including screenshots, artwork, etc. and feel free to mark any info as IC or OOC.

If below the "bio" info people could link out to some of their stories on the Haven, that would be great too!))

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